Los Angeles based makeup artist Wyvetta (Y-vet-ta) Taylor is known for creating skin that looks expensive, polished and breathable.

“I want every client’s skin to look like they drink a gallonof water every day.”

Her desire to create a polished and healthy-looking makeupaesthetic inspires her to approaches makeup as a tool she gently wields toenhance clients’ unique features.

Her passion for makeup stems from the feeling of invincibilitythat comes with knowing you look your best. As an artist her goal is to sharethat invincible feeling with every client. 

In the 5 years since she launched herself into makeup artistryfull time, she has worked with major brands such as 24-Hour Fitness, HyundaiHope on Wheels, and Revlon Professional, while also cultivating a celebrityclientele that includes Cedric the Entertainer, Dominique Perry of Insecure,and Christine Adams of Black Lightning.

She is building a solid reputation as a detailed,professional collaborator with producers, art directors and photographers.

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